Stenden Emmen



Located in Drenthe province at less than 30 minutes from Germany and attracting a total of 1.5 million visitors annually from the Netherlands and elsewhere, Emmen has a population of around 56,000. The nearest larger city is Zwolle, and Emmen also provides easy access to other central cities in the Netherlands. It hosts many annual events, including C’est la Vie (street theatre event), music festivals, etc.

Stenden campus Emmen

The Emmen branch is the second-largest branch after Leeuwarden, with a large, centrally located campus. It has a student body of 1,750 and offers a total of 13 programmes. The campus facilities have been completely refurbished and include a media centre, a library, a cafeteria and a pool table.

Contact Information


Stenden University of Applied Sciences Emmen

Van Schaikweg 94

7811 KL Emmen


+31 (0)591 853 100