Stenden University Showcases Cultural Diversity

A colorful captivation of music, food and pure talent – that was the theme of Stenden University’s cultural day. The annual event was organized last week by the Student Representative Council, better known as SRC. The students proudly showcased their countries’ culture, music, dance and food. The countries represented were Qatar, Lebanon, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Spain, Germany, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq and India. Each booth was given a unique theme. Each stall looked at its best with the eye-catching decorations and served the audience with the tasty traditional food with their utmost hospitality.

Another important thing was the performances, dancing, singing, dabka, Spanish performance and many more. The stage was truly on fire and it only got better and better with each performance. The performers who represented each country gave their best during the talent show.

It was amazing to see Stenden students and staff coming together to celebrate a beautiful exchange of culture. It did not matter what the lyrics meant. It did not matter where they came from. They just stood together and displayed a beautiful message of tolerance that showed how easily we can get past cultural differences and language barriers and simply have a good time together.