Stenden Qatar plans maritime management course

Stenden University of Applied Sciences – Qatar is exploring the possibility of starting an undergraduate programme in international maritime management as the university has launched two master’s programmes this year.

“We are looking to expand our portfolio in our undergraduate programmes. We are in consultation with our parent university in the Netherlands for starting a programme in international maritime management. There is no such programme in Qatar as well as in most countries in the region. In Oman, there is a maritime programme and there are many students participating in it. So we are planning such a programme here.” Dr Ivan Ninov, executive dean, Stenden Qatar told Gulf Times.
“This year, we started offering master’s programmes in International Hospitality and Service Management and in International Leisure, Tourism and Events Management. We are looking at expanding our academic portfolio in the near future by adding new graduate and undergraduate academic programmes,” continued Dr Ninov.

Stenden Qatar, the first Dutch university in the region and the first private international university in Qatar, has been in existence for the last 18 years. It offers programmes in tourism management, international hospitality management and international business and management studies.

“Our tourism and hospitality programmes are internationally accredited by the International Centre of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education, the most reputable accreditation organisation in the field of hospitality and tourism education. Our tourism programme is the only accredited programme in the entire Mena region and the hospitality programme is the second internationally accredited programme in the region,” explained Dr Ninov.

All the programmes of the university are accredited and recognised by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Qatar and the Ministry of Education in the Netherlands.
“The programmes offered in Qatar are exactly the same as the ones offered in the Netherlands. Our student body is truly international as we have students from more than 40 different nationalities. Each year, we are also hosting a number of students from our main campus in the Netherlands. Stenden is a truly international university with 12 campuses in five different countries including the Netherlands, Qatar, South Africa, Indonesia, and Thailand. Some new international campuses are being planned and will be opened in the near future,” described the official.

“All our programmes have a very strong industry focus, and include an internship component. Therefore, many companies in the country are very eager to recruit students from Stenden Qatar. The placement rate is about 90% and the best measure of our quality as a university is the success of our graduates,” noted the dean.

“Apart from our academic programmes, we also offer professional development programmes to different industry partners. We have a wide list of courses varying from event management, customer service skills, cultural awareness and business communication, to more specialised programmes such as sports management, finance, and entrepreneurship. We are working very closely with different tourism and hospitality organisations, and with the organisers of FIFA 2022,” added Ninov.