Stenden Professional Online Webinars

For a number of years Stenden University Qatar has been offering a wide variety of professional training and certification courses in addition to its academic undergraduate and graduate programmes.

In order to better support organisations and individuals during the COVID-19 crisis, the university has started delivering free professional training and development webinars. The first Webinar on “Digital Marketing during Crisis”  focused on the digital transformation strategies, which could be used by organisations, which are trying the overcome the challenges caused by the COVID pandemic. The webinar was led by Dr. Ilijana Petrovska, marketing professor from Stenden Qatar and Mr. Mohammed Yusuf, a digital marketing professional and alumnus of Stenden University Qatar who gave an insight into some of the most effective digital marketing strategies, which organisations can use during times of turbulence. The participants had a unique opportunity to learn more about the techniques used by organisations in engaging various audiences such as the use of social media, influencers, and hashtags across a number of industries. The webinar will be followed by sessions of online short courses on related digital marketing topics.

Another webinar on Business English Communications was delivered to a number of local and international participants, who were looking at improving their level of Business English during the “Stay at Home” period. The online course for Business English Communications will continue to be offered during the month of Ramadan at a special price.

In addition to this, the university also offered a free webinar on “Leading during Turbulent Times”. Dr. Anu Jossan, a business management professor from Stenden University Qatar presented some of the main challenges faced by leaders during the COVID-19 crisis and Dr. Shiban Khan, a business management professional introduced the most pertinent and effective leadership styles which can be adopted during a crisis. The seminar was followed by Q&A session which provided the participants with the opportunity to ask questions and discuss ideas. As a result of the increased interest, Stenden University Qatar will continue offering courses on leadership in the upcoming weeks.  Anyone who is interested in joining the webinars and the courses offered by the university can visit the university website to register. The university believes that the development of personal skills is of utmost importance and will provide individuals with a competitive advantage once the crisis is over.

So far the feedback from different participants has been excellent and upcoming webinars would include Business English Communication, Leading during Turbulent Times, Selling during Crisis, Emotional Intelligence, and Digital Marketing.