Event Management Course

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

‒ Nelson Mandela-

1.   Course Overview

Event Management is a rapidly growing field within the services sector not only for its recreational qualities, but also for its power of communication. The great strength of this business sector is that a well organised event is capable of satisfying guests and participants on multiple levels – an event is not only a diversion for its participants but a tool capable of unifying large bodies of people around a specific happening, and at its best around a specific idea.

With its multifaceted role, which includes planning, organisation and execution, event management requires a thorough grasp of key procedures, such as forming an initial concept and targeting an audience through market research, as well as branding and sponsorship.

The short course in Event Management at Stenden University Qatar aims to equip you with essential knowledge and skills needed to excel within each stage of the event management process. The course covers such topics as conceptualisation, planning, marketing, event execution and post-event analysis. Practical, theoretical and strategic expertise will be provided within a challenging environment in order for you to thrive and succeed within this dynamic field.

With events, local culture, tradition and customs are celebrated, entertainment and recreation complement each other and cultural and social advancement is ensured. Events are an important motivator of tourism and they are very present in destination development plans and tourism development strategies (Hede, Jago & Deery, 2002). Hence, events are of a great importance for Qatar and the need for qualified and trained event managers is required more than ever before.

Moreover, this course will contribute to the Qatar National Vision 2030 through the investment and development of the human capital of the strategy.

2.   Who Should Attend?

This course is ideal for you if you are:

  • Interested in starting a new career in meetings, events, travel, hospitality.
  • Charged with handling some or all event and travel duties for your company or organization.
  • Event and Meeting Managers seeking to expand their skills and gain knowledge that can be applied immediately.
  • Hospitality employees, trainers, lodging and restaurant personnel, human resources managers, seminar planners, exhibition planners, conference center directors, sales and marketing managers, administrative personnel, and others seeking to expand their career paths with the skills necessary to plan efficient and effective events and meetings.

3.   How Will You Benefit?

At the end of the workshop, you should be able to develop the following skills:

  • The ability to apply appropriate planning techniques to manage the social, environmental and economic impacts of festival and events.
  • Demonstrate the importance of time management within events and arrange all travel arrangements for event delegates.
  • Express the importance of systematic and detailed planning when managing events.
  • Conduct the process of financial management
  • Understand the importance of appropriate market research and to apply the appropriate event protocol.
  • Ability to develop a Marketing and Communications Plan for various types of events.
  • Understand the importance of continuous event monitoring, control and evaluation.
  • Ability to demonstrate the importance of fundraising and sponsorship in event management.
  • Ability to manage the operational aspects of planning an event.
  • Understand the importance of managing risks and crowd control.
  • Ability to manage human resources for an event.
  • Ability to reinvent the event wheel at the post-event stage.

The method of training

The training will be:

    • Delivered in an exciting and interesting way that will involve all the participants.
    • While trying to be consistent in the proposed plan, the training can be flexible and responsive to the needs of the individual participant.
    • Practical, structured and organized.


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Event Management Course