BBA – International Business

The Course

The four-year Bachelor of Business Administration degree in International Business was developed in 2001 by three European universities with specializations in economics, service management and business. This collaboration resulted in an international, culturally adaptable and interactive study programme that offers students the opportunity to become creative innovators, effective communicators, decisive project managers, informed decision makers as well as empathetic leaders.

The medium of instruction is English.

Programme and Activities

During the first year, you will learn about many topics as to give you a wide view of the skills an international manager needs. Subjects such as marketing & sales management, management accounting, international management & organisation and international business environment are being dealt with.

In the second and third year you will study Innovation and Project Management, International People Management, Export Management and Logistics in addition to research, information and quality management.

The fourth year provides intense industrial focus and work experience with a requirement to undertake an internship in industry and carry out a research project.


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