Fatima Zohra Ouali

Spanish Lecturer & Coordinator
  • Mrs Fatima Ouali is a Lecturer for Spanish language and the Spanish Language Coordinator at Stenden University Qatar. In addition to her legal background, Ms Ouali is a keen linguist. Prior to joining SUQ, she worked as political analyst, has been a trainer in International Relations and a workshop facilitator.
    Mrs Ouali is a PhD student in the department of Foreign Affairs and International Public law also called International Studies in the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain, Faculty of Political Science and Sociology. The research area is “The New International Order” “Geopolitics and Geostrategy in Central Asia”. An industrious researcher, she was granted several scholarships in order to benefit from various programmes in the Summer Institute of Complutense University Madrid, Spain and elsewhere.
  • • Preparing a PhD thesis on the theme: Geopolitics of Oil and Energy in Central Asia from Complutense University of Political Science and Sociology, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Public Law–Madrid/ Spain.
    • Master of Law: from the Complutense University of Madrid-Spain, Faculty of Political Science and Sociology, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Public Law–Madrid/ Spain on the theme: European Union (EU) and Globalization.2004/2006.
    • Bachelor of Public Law- Legal Studies: from Mohamed V University-Faculty of Legal, Economic and Political Studies –Agdal-Rabat/Morocco in 1995-1996.
    • D-E-U-G Diploma. In French: it stands for Diplome des Etudes Universitaires Generals. Rabat/Morocco.

  • – European Union and its Policy Of Cooperation With Morocco
    – The French military base in Abu Dhabi
    – The second extension Qatari of the ethylene plant in South America
    – Foreign investments opportunities in the GCC countries
    – Cooperation agreements between Qatar and Panama in the field of Gaz
    – GCC-US relations under a Trump administration
    – The approach between Qatar and Saudi Arabia

  • Contributed to the authoring of book entitled: MAGREB WOMEN IN TO THE CHALLENGE OF DEMOCRATISATION. Under the direction of Dr. PALOMA GONZALEZ DEL MIÑO

  • Summer Institute from Complutense University. Madrid/Spain, on the theme “The European Constitution “August 2004