Lorena Hornido

HR Coordinator / Office Manager

Lorena sees herself as resilient, optimistic, and often a stickler for rules (no wonder she’s in HR). She holds the precept that an organization’s workforce is its most valuable resource and the central element to its success. To her, skill coupled with the right work ethics are what makes an employee indispensable.

A consistent academic achiever, Lorena graduated with distinction from the University of San Carlos, Philippines with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Before joining Stenden Qatar University of Applied Sciences in 2015, she gained over twelve years of combined work experience in the fields of recruitment, employee relations and discipline, and client management from three different companies in diverse industries.

As the HR Coordinator of Stenden Qatar University of Applied Sciences, Lorena works in partnership with executive management to understand the needs of employees and assist them to realize their organizational objectives. She serves as an initial point of contact for management and staff, and is responsible for all operational Human Resource Management functions. Lorena also provides support for the development of employment policies and procedures, preparation and execution of employment contracts, performance management, interpretation of employment legislation, recruitment, and contributes to the HR aspects of annual business plans. Working for a joint venture university, she also acts as the coordinator of HR matters with Al Faisal Holding and Stenden University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands.