International Leisure, Tourism, and Event Management

The Course

The Master of Arts in International Leisure, Tourism, and Event Management programme ‎prepares graduates to become responsible future leaders in the leisure and tourism sector, a ‎segment of the labour market that is still expanding and is now established as one of the most ‎important sectors of the global economy. This dynamic and rapidly changing industry is in need of ‎innovative and creative specialists, who are able to meet the new challenges and take it to the next ‎level. It focuses on sustainability and quality of life within the context of the past, present and future. ‎Students explore established theories relating to leisure and tourism (past), discuss current cases ‎‎(present) and use scenario planning as a tool for identifying future trends and developments ‎‎(future). The courses contain different education methods such as seminars, workshops, lectures, ‎presentations, group assignments and guest lectures.‎

The aims of the programme are to:‎

To develop the student’s intellectual skills and competencies i.e. to assist the student to ‎develop, in the field of leisure and tourism, a way of independent thinking and working, ‎based on academic, professional and international expertise.‎
To provide students with in-depth knowledge and specialised skills necessary to prepare ‎them for playing a significant role within the development of the international leisure and ‎tourism industry.‎
To encourage the development of the student’s personal qualities. This includes the ‎development of above-average interpersonal skills, a high degree of self-confidence, ‎initiative and enterprise and an appropriate attitude to work.‎

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