International Hospitality and Service Management

The Course

The Master of Arts in International Hospitality and Service Management will provide students ‎with an in-depth, professional understanding of the practice of contemporary international ‎hospitality and service management at a strategic level. A Master’s degree in International ‎Hospitality and Service Management will prepare potential graduates for a successful career in the ‎service or hospitality industry. This industry is growing at a tremendous pace with an expected ‎increase of more than 30% of jobs worldwide by 2022. The hospitality industry is undergoing ‎constant change, not least driven by shifting customer demands. These changes add to the ‎complexity of the role of hospitality manager, and the highly skilled graduates of this course will be ‎in high demand at a variety of companies all over the world. ‎

The aims of the programme are to:‎

  • Provide an intensive and balanced academic and practitioner relevant programme of study ‎for entry level and career development in the field of hospitality and service management.‎
  • Develop Masters level skills and techniques in identification, problem solving and developing ‎strategic and operational plans for management of hospitality and service related ‎organisations.‎
  • Enhance the innovation, creativity and practical operational skills inherent within the ‎hospitality and service industry, together with the strategic thinking and risk evaluation ‎necessary for future growth and development of that industry.‎
  • Explore the increasingly complex nature of the hospitality and service industry in relation to ‎customization and commodification.‎
  • Define the international nature of the hospitality and service industry in terms of both ‎globalisation and glocalisation.‎

The MA in International Hospitality and Service Management seeks to fulfil these aims by providing ‎an intellectual, challenging, postgraduate learning opportunity that enable students to progress in ‎their chosen career and to enhance their opportunities for advancement in the widest range of ‎organisations.‎


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