Sports Management 1 and 2

Work as an international sport manager
Would you like to work as a manager in the sport industry? Are you looking to gain international experience? Then the minor Sport Management in Qatar is just the thing for you. During this minor, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills required to start and run a sport company. You will get to learn how to develop (financial) company policies and strategies for sport organisations. Finally, you will delve into the marketing and promotion side of running a business. An important topic in this minor will be the World Cup Football of 2022 in Qatar.

  • Gain practical experience through workshops, sport training and assignments in the work field.
  • Go on excursion to a company which operates in the sport industry.
  • Learn everything about the history of sports, managing volunteers, and media and branding.
  • Get to know the social economic impact sport has on society.

Each minor is worth 15 ECTS credits and is offered in English in Qatar. The course concludes with research- and practical assignments, which you will do by working together with your fellow students.

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Would you like to take this minor? You can do so if you are in the third year of your Bachelor of Business Administration course.
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