International Human Resource Management (HRM)

Human resources policy in an international environment

Would you like to work as an HR manager in an international organisation? Then it’s important for you to explore the theory behind international strategic human resources policy more deeply. In the International Human Resource Management minor, you’ll examine human resource management in an international context. You’ll study environmental factors that play a role in the business industry, such as the labour markets, laws, unions, politics, economics and legal systems. You will also investigate diversity and talent development. Thus, you will gain new insights that you will be able to use in your work as an HR manager. In this minor you will:

  • Develop an international strategic HRM plan.
  • Carry out research into the human resources policy in an organization of your choice.
  • Set up a talent scheme and cross cultural training programs.

The minor is worth 15 ECTS credits and is offered in English in Qatar. The course concludes with a literature review, strategic plan and various assignments.

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Would you like to take this minor? You can do so if you are in the third year of your Applied Business Administration, Human Resource Management (HRM), International Hospitality Management, Leisure Management, Media and Entertainment Management, Small Business and Retail Management or Tourism Management course.
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