Heritage Management

Understanding Visitors & Developing Strategies

Heritage management is a growing field that is concerned with the identification, protection, and stewardship of cultural heritage in the public interest. It is part of a burgeoning interest in heritage generally and the subject of increasing discussion, debate, and controversy among specialists. Understanding and developing sustainable heritage visitor management strategies are of increasing importance to the tourism industry as is the future development of heritage destinations. Consequently, this module acquaints you with the skills and knowledge required to examine Heritage in various destinations and equips you with the vision of tourist strategy development. Thus, you will:

  • Understand the relationship between heritage and tourism on an international basis.
  • Analyse heritage tourism potential of a destination such as Qatar.
  • Study developments and current issues in the heritage tourism and business sector.
  • Research and develop concepts as to how to manage a heritage site and/or manage a tourism business.
  • Apply the theory in the tourism field of excursions and field research.

The minor is worth 15 ECTS credits and is offered in English in Qatar. The course concludes with presentations, theory exams and module assignments.

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Would you like to take this minor? You can do so if you are in the third year of a Bachelor of Business Administration. You will preferably have completed the Strategic Management, Culture and Heritage Management modules.

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