At Stenden Qatar University of Applied Sciences, we aim to be a school of excellence and a premier provider of ‎hospitality management, tourism management, and business management education in the region ‎and internationally. Our university is very well situated to provide our students with great ‎opportunities for learning and our location in the vibrant city of Doha and the GCC region is vital to ‎our identity and our success as a school.‎

At Stenden Qatar University of Applied Sciences, every member of staff plays an important role in the total operations ‎of the university. Each employee is vital to successfully achieving the organization’s vision of ‎becoming an internationally recognized premier university known for the quality of its applied ‎education, scholarship and learning.‎

We are unique in so many ways. We provide our students with the privilege of receiving high-quality ‎European education and Dutch accredited diplomas. We encourage our students to stay culturally ‎connected by providing them with fantastic opportunities to study in one of our campuses in the ‎Netherlands, South Africa, Bali, and Thailand. We offer a family-like atmosphere, in which every ‎student receives personalized attention and support. We know our students by name and have an ‎open door policy to facilitate our communication with them. Our students are provided with the ‎opportunity to train and find employment in some of the best business enterprises, tourism ‎organizations and hospitality companies in Qatar and abroad. We deliver our curriculum by utilizing ‎the problem-based learning approach and provide our students with the needed skill set to succeed ‎in a competitive and globalized world. We are different and we prepare graduates who can make a ‎difference!‎

We are currently hiring for the following positions:‎

To apply, contact us via email and attach all the required documents.‎‎