Why Choose Stenden

1- Theory and practice

Our students are well equipped to start working in the real world immediately after graduation. Our programmes offer a good balance between theory and practice. Students have to complete a specific number of hours in a practical environment related to their course. The internship in the final year of study ultimately prepares the student for his or her professional career.

2- Problem Based Learning

Problem Based Learning (PBL) is a student-centered instructional concept in which the students together solve problems and reflect on their experiences. Characteristics of PBL are: Learning is driven by challenging, open-ended problems, students work in small collaborative groups and teachers take on the role as facilitators of learning.

3- Your Future Begins Here

A Stenden University of Applied Sciences, graduate is very sought after and, since our first graduating class, we now have alumni in the banking and finance industry, hospitality and tourism industry, Qatar Foundation, government departments and working internationally. A degree from Stenden University Qatar opens doors to an exciting future with varied career prospects and options

4- Approach, Philosophy and Style of Education

Stenden University of Applied Sciences – Qatar has a very strong student-centered approach to ‎learning and education‎. Our Code of Ethics and Customer Service Policy ensure that both students and staff focus on the main objectives and strive to develop the whole person. The mission of our programmes is to prepare the students for their future management functions in International settings. It represents a flexible and broad-based professional education for the graduates to be welcomed worldwide, in all sectors of services and service management.

5- Meet the World – Grand Tour

Why postpone traveling until after your graduation, when you can go abroad during your studies? With our Grand Tour you can combine studying with traveling and getting to know other cultures and countries! Being enrolled at Stenden University of Applied Sciences, gives you the opportunity to do parts of your study in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and/or Asia. Whether you choose the Netherlands, South Africa, Qatar, Thailand or Bali, you are working towards getting your chosen degree without any delays.