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Qatar is known as the ‘Thumb of Arabia’ and it is centrally placed among the states of the Gulf Co-operation Council.

A country with many faces. Mysterious and beautiful artesian wells along the coast, where the water rises above the groundwater level, but also spectacular “wandering” sand dunes in the South Desert that are sometimes up to 60 meters high. A country with a rich agricultural heritage and history.

At Stenden Qatar University of Applied Sciences, we understand that the students are as important to us as the University to the students. Therefore the university is equipped with several conveniences for you to enjoy your stay.

At Stenden Qatar University of Applied Sciences, you will be welcomed in a pleasant, relatively small environment with a friendly, family-like atmosphere. A place to feel at home from the very first moment.

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The Professional Training Programmes are delivered in a flexible and interactive workshop/seminar

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